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Home Theater FAQs

We know how difficult it is to stay current on all the latest technology. For all your home automation system and home theater questions and answers, Southwest Audio Visual has you covered. Over the years, we’ve accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in the custom home theater and home automation market, so we are well-equipped to answer whatever home theater questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your home theater questions and answers are not found here.

Home Theater Questions and Answers

What is the difference between 1080i and 1080p?

Flat panel displays (plasmas, LCDs etc.) produce their picture by turning on and off millions of pixels that make up the image on the screen. The more pixels you have, the better “definition” of the images you will have. Therefore, the higher the resolution, the better picture you will have. So if the salesman says a TV is “1920X1080 resolution,” that means the picture is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. That‘s over 2 million pixels!

For more info regarding the difference between 1080i and 1080p, please refer to this page here.

So how does the picture quality of 1080i compare to 1080p?

Well, let’s say you take 1080 and divide it into even and odd numbers. In 1080i, the “i” stands for “interlaced.” That means it goes through all the odd numbered pixels and then goes back and fills in the even numbered ones—the sequence is “interlaced.”

1080p is different. The “p” stands for “progressive.” Unlike interlacing, the progressive scan goes through all the pixels sequentially. This provides smoother movement in an active screen, such as a sporting event, or stock ticker, on MSNBC.

What are the pros and cons of Cable vs. Satellite TV?

For info regarding the pros and cons of Cable vs. Satellite TV, please refer to this page here.

Which TV is best: Plasma or LCD?

These days, many people are seeing the benefits of flat panel TVs. The two major types of flat-panel TVs are plasma and LCD. Picture quality varies greatly between different makes and models, so it’s often wise to read up on reviews before you making your purchase. People ask us all the time, “Which is better, plasma or LCD?” and our answer is often “whichever looks good to YOU!”

For more info on plasma and LCD TVs, please refer to this page here.

“1080p”? “Plasma”? “Aspect ratio”? What do all these words mean?

Wading through the world of home theater can be daunting, and you’re likely to develop all sorts of confused home theater questions—luckily, we’ve provided a handy list of common terms you’re bound to run into during your home theater experience.

Our extensive glossary of helpful home theater terms can be found here.

Home Theater Questions and Answers found here!

All your burning home automation and home theater system questions can be answered with a quick call to us or a free home consultation. We know you’ve got home theater questions! Let us know how we can put your mind at ease!

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