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Commercial & Building Automation Systems

In addition to providing high-quality home theater installation for personal home residences, Southwest Audio Visual also supplies state-of-the-art building automation systems for commercial use. These building automation systems offer your facility the same high-quality audio visual experience you’ve come to expect from Southwest Audio Visual.

Our top-quality building automation systems seek to offer maximum convenience and user-friendly intuitiveness. We design our building automation systems with your needs in mind to provide your business with everything it needs to perform in perfect comfort and safety.

We customize our commercial building automation systems with these key areas of focus:

Assessment of Customer Needs

The first step in designing an effective audio visual solution is to understand the client’s needs and expectations. Whether designed for a large boardroom or a new restaurant, SWAV designs building automation systems that streamline the audio visual environment. This allows the end users to focus on their business with the peace of mind that their building automation system is functioning properly behind the scenes.  We design building automation systems that use state-of-the-art technology to enhance productivity and create comfortable working environments.

Ease of use

What good is an amazing building automation system that nobody knows how to turn on? We’re proud to provide a very simple and easy-to-use interface utilizing Savant Systems’ award-winning control platforms and building automation software. In conjunction with the Apple iPad, you can control the lighting, shades, AC/heat, and all of your audio visual with the touch of a button.

Reliable products

At SWAV, we are constantly testing new technologies. We have spent years studying these technologies, and we actively seek training from the industry’s leading manufacturers and trade organizations. Through this process we have built up a repertoire of consistently robust building automation products for any commercial application.

User training and support

These last two steps are the most important. We provide extensive product training to the end user, making sure the system meets their requirements and ease of use.  Once the system goes live, SWAV keeps our channels open to support our clients and make sure their building automation system is functioning properly.

Technology moves very fast. Contact us, and let SWAV be your partner in bringing cutting-edge technology to your business with our professionally-designed building automation products and commercial building automation.

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