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Savant Systems

Put the power of wireless home automation at your fingertips with Savant Systems. This Apple-based control and automation system can transform your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and traditional HDTV into a personalized control portal for your home.

The Savant Systems app is all it takes to get total home control. A single press of a button provides one-touch automation to take command of your entire environment.

Savant Home System

Savant offers you solutions to some of your home’s greatest challenges:

  • A single device to rule them all. Equip your iPad or iPhone with Savant Systems and never lose another remote again.
  • Left a light on? Control remotely the brightness/dimness of any networked light in the house, or activate security lighting with a touch.
  • Go green with Savant Smart Energy, the eco-friendly solution to the tech-savvy home. Manage energy consumption and start saving.

Turn your San Diego home into a Savant home. Choose a single device for your light switch, thermostat, personal media player, on/off, open/close, up/down button from anywhere.

Entertain with a Touch with Savant Solutions

Get a new way to experience home theater San Diego. With the ease of use provided by your iPad’s intuitive interface, you can have movie theater-quality video and sound right in your living room.

  • Complete control over your HDTVs. Streamlined controls grant you easy access without the need for multiple remotes.
  • High performance speakers bring you an authentic movie theater experience. Get crystal clarity sound, then synchronize your speakers to hide them when the party’s over.
  • Multi-room San Diego audio video spreads the experience throughout your home. Feel the difference as you control the bass levels with your phone or tablet.

Control Dynamic Lighting Anywhere in the House

Create dynamic lighting right from your Apple device. Utilize lamps, background displays, and even fireplaces to suit your every mood.

  • Create the perfect mood. Set the lights down low for intimate moments or brighten them for family gatherings.
  • Control the lighting using the app’s intuitive one-touch controls. Intelligent lighting function with control sliders get the lights just as you like them.

Protect Your Home with Savant System Security

Savant security can help deter or even prevent security violations before they happen. Enhance your home security to increase your comfort and well-being.

  • Become aware of unauthorized entry of your property.
  • Get email or text message alerts when motion is detected at odd hours.

Keep video surveillance of high-security areas. Manage garages, backyards, or any other private property with a single touch.

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