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Smart Home San Diego

Imagine controlling every aspect of your home from a single device. Turn on lights, check your door locks, adjust the heating and air conditioning, even power on your HDTV to start recording the Chargers game.

These are only a few of the futuristic features of a San Diego home automation system, but you can have them right now. Isn’t it time your home became a smart home?

An Apple iPhone or iPad acts as the device which brings total home control directly from your pocket and into your hands. Combined with the Savant Systems app, you can experience the ultimate convenience of a smart home San Diego.

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Advantages of Home Automation

Why have a smart home?

Because you could use a little more convenience in your busy San Diego lifestyle. Considering the technology available to you, you can have a more convenient, efficient, accommodating home. Here’s what you can gain from having a fully automated smart home:

  • Connect your home functions into a unified home network
  • Intuitive Apple interface offers simplified control
  • A single control panel
  • Efficient technology which saves energy

You can stay in complete control over your smart home, even if you’re away on business. No more stressing over whether you’ve left a TV on or your sprinklers have been running since the morning hours. A simple glance at your Apple device can show you what needs adjusting and give you the means to fix it remotely.

The SWAV Promise to You

So all this home automation stuff sounds pretty good. But if you’re not sure where to start, we can help point you in the right direction.

Don’t let the hi-tech nature of a home theater installation deter you—let SWAV handle the installation duties and set your home on the smart path. We’ll provide everything you need to have fully functional home automation to make your life easier and more efficient. Home audio and video, high performance speakers, automated lighting, security—we can do it all.

Whether you commute or work from home, home automation adds to the comforts of your life with total home controls that are easy to understand and even easier to use. We’ll give you our total commitment to find the best home automation system for your home.

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