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Total Home Control San Diego

Total Home Control

Who knew you could access an entire home automation system from your pocket?

Your Apple iPhone or iPad, combined with Savant Systems, gives you the smart home experience of your dreams. Like some futuristic household, your home gains access to advanced technology to make you and your family’s lives more comfortable while at home.

Total home control even works when you’re away from home. Set sensors and timers to manage your daily household functions remotely, from recording shows on your DVR to turning on the sprinkler system, or check in on your property to make sure all’s well by managing lighting, climate, and security surveillance.

Total Home Control

Use total home control to adjust your home for more comfortable living:

  • Lighting
  • Climate
  • Audio/video
  • Security

Total Home Control for All Parts of the House

Total home control means exactly as it sounds—complete access to all of your home’s functions through a single device. Your home network provides full control over your house by connecting each room together into one accessible control panel.

Home theater. Total home control is the difference between a true home theater and simply a room with a TV in it. Amplify your movie experience with booming high performance speakers and HDTVs so incredible they have to be seen to be believed.

Backyard. Entertain guests in your outdoor living space. Host celebrations in the backyard and adjust the lighting, music, and even barbecue through wall control panels or your smart device.

Dining room. Add variety to the dining area with use of smart dynamic lighting. Delight your dinner guests with all the ambiance of fine dining, all without ever having to leave the house.

Workout room. Turn on your workout playlist to feel the burn and adjust the A/C so things are nice and cool.

Let the Whole Family Enjoy Total Home Control

Away from home or on the couch, your entire family can use these home automation products for their own needs. With multiple smart devices in every household these days, hooking up your family with home automation controls is a breeze.

Your control device provides you with powerful customization options. Limit access to only the most used functions such as home theater and room-specific audio, so your kids can listen to what they want without interfering with the rest of the family’s music preferences. Also, dynamic lighting is great for laying down a “lights-out” bedtime.

It’s time to bring your family one step closer to total home control. Let SWAV show you how your home can change for the better.

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